Monday, August 2, 2010

and the emotional roller coaster continues.....

Alright, sorry its late and I'm just now posting about our much anticipated appointment today. It was a very long day and by the time we arrived back at the Bradley Home I was exhausted. We ate dinner and then Jeff and I spent some family time with Ashlyn Kay. Then I actually fell asleep around 8 and woke up just now.

Ultrasound was first today which went amazing! Dr. Jaekle (one of the OB) said from his stand point the babies were wonderful and could stay in forever. FOREVER!! NO NO NO! He said that the surgeons and fetal medicine doctors were having debates over me. The surgeons and cardiologist wanted me to start daily monitoring and the best way would be inpatient-boo, but that they would leave that decision up to me. Whew-thank goodness.
MRI was next which was absolutely the most terrible hour of my life. You lay on your side strapped into this insane contraption. The first time I wasn't ginormous so I was really comfortable. This time I literally almost started crying. I was sweating so bad and the last 20 minutes felt like a hour.
Echo went about normal. The babies didn't want to cooperate, but I hadn't eaten since 8 and the echo was at 2:30, so they were hungry and mad.
Our final appointment was with Dr. Lim again who is the surgeon. He started by saying Great News. I always like where this statement goes.

Blake's cardiac output is now down to 400 and something. We have gone from 750 to 600 to 400. Her aortic blood vessels are dilated pretty large but it isn't phasing her at all. This baby is the toughest baby around. My fluid was down a small bit. All in all the girls are doing amazing! Dr. Lim said to remember just as it has gone down it could go back up, which is why they want to monitor me daily for at least this week. Where as last Monday I wasn't anticipated to make it to today, they are now anticipating at this rate (if all stays the same or better) the likelyhood of me making it to 34 weeks is very possible. That would be a month from today. This is amazing news! This age of gestation would mean the girls are much stronger and would be much more likely to have a great success rate. This would also mean that Blake's surgery would go back to a one stage one surgery procedure instead of the 2 or 3 stage procedure. Again great news. This is because if she is born at a later gestation she will be much larger and more likely to handle a longer surgical procedure.

We are going to try and contain our so happy emotions and remember that things are fluid here. Nothing is ever written in stone. I can tell you one thing that these Dr.'s didn't count on was the power of prayer. Because let me tell you peoople something of a higher power is working for me and I can guarantee his name is GOD!

Please keep those prayers up. We need to keep these babies in as long as we can. Pray for Jeff as he is here taking care of AK while I rest, not a easy task for daddy sometimes, but he is doing a great job.

Also, Kerry who is the mister of this house here is having a family issue. His mother fell and broke a vertebrae in her neck. She had surgery today and is in recovery. She has a long road ahead of her. Can you all please put her in your prayers.

Great Day!

I won't update each day this week unless bad news arises. So no news from the Moran family is Good News!

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  1. Great update Kristen! God is so good and we will continue to pray for you and your family.

    ~Amy Stacy~