Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 6

Today is Day 6, Saturday, August 14th. We have almost made it one week. What a celebration that day will be.
I was discharged yesterday around 5:30 p.m. (finally). I could have gone home Thursday but developed a spinal headache. This is where the spinal needle leaves a hole and cerebral spinal fluid leaks out. This causes the worse headache in the world. You can't move your neck and you want to throw up when you move your eyes or head. So that pretty much stunk! I had to lay flat on my back all day on Thursday. I couldn't even lift my head enough to go see the girls. I was so sad. Friday the headache was better enough that I could check out of the hospital. Today its been great! Thank goodness. They have a way of fixing the hole but it isn't fun.
Saturday has been a great day for both girls. Blake finally was taken off of her epi. so now her blood pressure is regulated all on its own. Her catheter was removed and she is tee teeing and pooping like she is supposed too. She was much more active today, moving her arms and legs. She is still on sedative drugs because of her wound. She also still is intubated and having the machine help her breathe. Monday she will have 3 MRI's. One will map out the teratoma that remains inside of her, one will take a look at her lungs because they have to make sure she does not have cancer in her lungs, the final MRI will take a look at her brain activity since she stopped breathing for so long after she was born.
The surgeon will meet with us next Friday for a mapping and schedule of where we go from here with her treatment. Overall she is doing great! The nurses and doctors agree on how strong she is and what a fighter she is.
The nurse let me feed Palmer today. Its funny feeding her because she has a tube and you hold up a syringe attached to the tube and they pour the formula into the syringe and gravity pulls it down. ha! I also got to change her diaper. I felt like a real mom! She is doing really well and the doctors are so pleased with her progress and weight gain. I think she misses her sister though.

We moved into the Ronald McDonald House on Friday. Its really nice. We will be here for several weeks.
I have been posting pictures of the girls on Facebook and hope to get some up on the blog soon.
Please keep praying for us. We have so long to go. Also please keep Blake lifted up that she will remain strong and defy the odds!

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  1. So happy for the good report! I am not on Facebook, but will "Friend Request" you thru Jeff's account. I want to see pics of those cuties!