Sunday, September 18, 2011


In 1996 I was just entering the 9th grade. My freshman year. High School! I couldn't believe it. I had finally made it to the holy land of WHS! JV cheerleading, high school football games, and THE BOYS...oh the boys. What I wouldn't give to have 29 year old me to to hop in and out of my pocket at important moments to give me a little life lesson and look in to the future. I'm pretty sure she would have smacked me across the face those nights I spent with my face buried in my pillow crying or at least I hope she would. I think she also probably would have said take yourself to church, find a good quiet spot and pray you make it through alive. I didn't have 29 year old polly pocket version of myself and heaven knows how that would have worked out, but I made it and only by God's grace.

I have always gravitated toward youth. I decided that I was going to try and serve with the youth this year in some way shape or form. A opportunity came about for me to be a "small group" discipleship leader for 9-12 grade girls. A friend of mine have a group of 10 9th graders. A hot mess! A good hot mess though. They are sweet, fun, and best friends. I look forward to getting to know them and bring Christ to the forefront of their minds.

We chose tonight to do a study called "Idol Girls". It is about all of the "idols" young girls put before him. Boys, cell phones, FB, school work, extra curricular activities, you name it! They seemed excited and anxious to get going. Last spring I did a study with fellow ladies about idols and it isn't one of those studies that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. At times it made me pretty angry that "Grey's Anatomy" was considered a idol to me. I mean hello, its Grey's! But I would put tv, fb, email, sewing, aerobics, before Christ and well that was a idol and just not how I was to live my life.

My hope is that these young women realize how unimportant everything is unless God is numero uno! Once they learn that life will be much more tolerable! I will keep you all updated.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If you have ever had a child screaming from pain you will understand this post.
Blake has had a tummy issues for the past several days, well since Thursday of this past week. She made a visit to Childrens Birmingham emergency room on Sunday for dehydration and what we thought was a hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid in question was what is called a prolapsed rectum. This is where the rectal tissue comes out. I have been told by both her surgeons this isn't uncommon when young children have chronic tummy issues. Blake's bottom is raw and has open sores due to the acid from the stool ( I know TMI). She screams every time she goes to the bathroom and it she is in pain. We have come to the conclusion it is a food aversion. The allergist switched her off of whole soy milk back to her old formula which is neocate jr and we are to cut out all dairy and soy products. It will take a little while for her system to get back to normal which means in the interim I still have a child in pain. My heart breaks for her and my ears might not be able to take much more.
On top of that Palmer is having tummy issues too which has led to a bad bottom.
End result here people is two toddlers crying A LOT! I know this is selfish but if everyone could just say a little prayer for my sanity and for the girls to have a lightning quick recovery.