Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here is another picture made by The Blink Lady. Our new family of five!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

So cute!

One of our Christmas pictures by The Blink Lady!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner I just gush with joy. I find myself day dreaming of sitting around a Thanksgiving table and sharing with others all that I am thankful for. I mean, really, if I were to start sharing my thoughts on thankfulness this upcoming holiday season we would never get to eat the turkey-ha! I am thankful for simple things. Such as first and foremost the fact that my dear angel is here and alive and WELL today. I sit and think of how different my feelings this holiday would be if our journey in Ohio had ended differently. She is such a blessing along with my other two girls. Her smile she shares with me and how her eyes widen when she sees me bring such overwhelming emotions over me. I am thankful for being home, my actual physical home. I am thankful for my husband and how much help he has been to me and how supportive he has been. I am thankful for my AMAZING friends and family who without them I would not have made it past the elevators the day I found out I was pregnant with twins. I am thankful for educated, talented, and caring physicians and nurses who have been such a important part of our lives this year. I am oh so thankful for generosity of others and God's ability to allow me and Jeff to accept their generosity without stupid pride getting in the way. My list goes on and on and on...literally. Never have I had so much to be thankful for than I do this Thanksgiving 2010. My life has been for ever changed for the better.

Blakely & Palmer are doing so well. I am just thrilled at how much they are growing and getting stronger every day. We are working on our motor skills and both girls seem to be making needed progress. Palmer is stronger but Blake hates to be left behind and tries her best to catch up. She is so determined. I am looking forward to yet another "First Christmas" this year. I am also excited because Ashlyn Kay is starting to get to the sweet age where Christmas is truly a miracle in her eyes. I am excited to see her expression on Christmas Day to see what Santa has brought her.

I don't think I had posted our recent family pictures made by the talented Bonnie Cerniglia aka The Blink Lady here in Birmingham. Bonnie has been taking our families pictures literally since AK's birth-day. Bonnie was there in our delivery room snapping away when Ashlyn Kay was born and she has watched our family grow and grow and captured these moments beautifully. We had these pictures done about 2 weeks after we got back from Cincy. They are wonderful!
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Click on Online Proofing, private settings, and scroll through the pages to Kristen M. Our password is MORAN (ALL CAPS) and enjoy my beautiful girls.

Have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

3 months old!

I seriously can't believe the twins are 12 weeks old today. They are adjusted age 1 month old, but either way time is flying by quickly. Its neat to see the changes from their last month picture. Blakely is really putting on the lbs! She went for a visit at the allergy & immunologist last thursday and weighed 8 pounds and was 18 inches long. I was shocked! We won't find out Palmer's weight until next months 4 month check up with the pediatrician. I am guessing she is weighing about 10 or 11 pounds now though.
Let's see what has been going on here in the "Big Top" circus show....
Blakely is finally eating better. She test slightly positive to milk & soy. Which means she has a allergy and possibly esonophillic esophigitis (spelling). The allergist suggested a new formula called Neocate. She really likes it and there is much improvement with it-thankfully. We will have to avoid all milk and soy products through her first year of life and hopefully she will out grow it at that time.
Occupational Therapy came to the house this past Friday to evaluate Palmer's eating habits and see their skill level so far. Palmer is still working on getting her jaw muscles stronger so that she can get the suck, swallow, breath reflex down better. The OT told me to introduce a rattle and play patty cake with Blakely because she was ready. Palmer is just hanging out right now and doesn't really have a desire to get we assumed she would be that way. She is my laid back child. Blake is my "go-getter" like her big sister. One thing is for sure that this house is going to be a crazy town once everyone is really moving. I am excited though!
This past Saturday was mine and Jeff's 6 year anniversary. Our sweet sunday school teacher and her daughter came to the house and babysat all three girls. Bless their souls! Jeff & I went out to dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. We were thinking back to that day and not being able to imagine that 6 years later there would be a house full of girls! We are thankful and happy! Especially for our Blake. Sometimes I am sitting on the couch looking at her and just imagining a life a without her in it. I just can't! She is so precious in every way, as are all three of our little ladies.
Oh...big news in our baby sis is pregnant!!! We are thrilled and hoping for a boy to mix it up. May 28th is our big day!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to where it all began

Jeff & I made the visit to my OBGYN, Dr. Michelle Christine, at Birmingham OBGYN, here in Birmingham yesterday afternoon. I felt a little embarrassed strolling my "bus" plus 1 into the office, but everyone was so excited to see us it made me feel better. The office staff who are always so kind, just went bananas over the twins. As always everyone in the waiting room wanted to check out double trouble. It always cracks me up how people find twins amazing. I guess when you have them you just forget how strange it actually is to have two human beings growing in your belly at the same time and then arrive together. I was telling my mother that and she said, "I still can't believe you have twins!" Strange.
I had a good check up and shared our story with the physician. She had been keeping up through the blog and through people at the office, but was just amazed by the story once she heard it again from the horse's mouth. I hear myself telling it over and over again and sometimes stop and think, my gosh this is amazing. Throw in the generosity of the Bradley Family and you have a new "Blind Side" coming your way. Here I come Hollywood! Ha, right? Dr. Christine made a comment about how if you weren't a believer before hearing a story, how could not believe in some way or another afterwards. Medicine is truly a miracle, but so is the power of our God. I remember telling myself he had a plan for my girls and that he would not take either of them away from us and use them in some way. It is now wonderful to start to see this all unfolding.
I was a little sad knowing that my favorite doctor didn't get to deliver the twins but thankful she was able to meet them. I guess silly things like that really don't matter in the end.

OH, I forgot to mention in my email about Blakely's follow up appointment that we spoke to the surgeon about several things. One, being her ovaries. He said he was not sure if they were there or not, but they should be. He said he didn't encourage parents to concern themselves with checking in to that until they were 3 or 4 when the ovaries were bigger. We will probably get that checked out in a year or so around the time of her 1 year MRI. Also, Jeff asked Dr. Lim why she was born not breathing. We knew the tumor was hemorrhaging but had no indication she wasn't doing well with her breathing and were a little confused what led to that. He said that she just happened to be delivered at the moment the tumor had finally taken its toll on her. The hemorrhaging let to too much strain on her heart. So basically she was delivered at exactly the right moment. Now that is a God thing!

Tomorrow we are taking Blake to get checked for a protein allergy at a allergist and immunologist here in Birmingham. We feel 100% that she is allergic to the protein in cows milk, but just need to know for sure. She is eating much better now that she is on the protein sensitive formula thankfully. I hope that Blake doesn't cry too much tomorrow. I hate when she cries from pain.