Thursday, November 18, 2010

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner I just gush with joy. I find myself day dreaming of sitting around a Thanksgiving table and sharing with others all that I am thankful for. I mean, really, if I were to start sharing my thoughts on thankfulness this upcoming holiday season we would never get to eat the turkey-ha! I am thankful for simple things. Such as first and foremost the fact that my dear angel is here and alive and WELL today. I sit and think of how different my feelings this holiday would be if our journey in Ohio had ended differently. She is such a blessing along with my other two girls. Her smile she shares with me and how her eyes widen when she sees me bring such overwhelming emotions over me. I am thankful for being home, my actual physical home. I am thankful for my husband and how much help he has been to me and how supportive he has been. I am thankful for my AMAZING friends and family who without them I would not have made it past the elevators the day I found out I was pregnant with twins. I am thankful for educated, talented, and caring physicians and nurses who have been such a important part of our lives this year. I am oh so thankful for generosity of others and God's ability to allow me and Jeff to accept their generosity without stupid pride getting in the way. My list goes on and on and on...literally. Never have I had so much to be thankful for than I do this Thanksgiving 2010. My life has been for ever changed for the better.

Blakely & Palmer are doing so well. I am just thrilled at how much they are growing and getting stronger every day. We are working on our motor skills and both girls seem to be making needed progress. Palmer is stronger but Blake hates to be left behind and tries her best to catch up. She is so determined. I am looking forward to yet another "First Christmas" this year. I am also excited because Ashlyn Kay is starting to get to the sweet age where Christmas is truly a miracle in her eyes. I am excited to see her expression on Christmas Day to see what Santa has brought her.

I don't think I had posted our recent family pictures made by the talented Bonnie Cerniglia aka The Blink Lady here in Birmingham. Bonnie has been taking our families pictures literally since AK's birth-day. Bonnie was there in our delivery room snapping away when Ashlyn Kay was born and she has watched our family grow and grow and captured these moments beautifully. We had these pictures done about 2 weeks after we got back from Cincy. They are wonderful!
Go to
Click on Online Proofing, private settings, and scroll through the pages to Kristen M. Our password is MORAN (ALL CAPS) and enjoy my beautiful girls.

Have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

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