Monday, November 8, 2010

3 months old!

I seriously can't believe the twins are 12 weeks old today. They are adjusted age 1 month old, but either way time is flying by quickly. Its neat to see the changes from their last month picture. Blakely is really putting on the lbs! She went for a visit at the allergy & immunologist last thursday and weighed 8 pounds and was 18 inches long. I was shocked! We won't find out Palmer's weight until next months 4 month check up with the pediatrician. I am guessing she is weighing about 10 or 11 pounds now though.
Let's see what has been going on here in the "Big Top" circus show....
Blakely is finally eating better. She test slightly positive to milk & soy. Which means she has a allergy and possibly esonophillic esophigitis (spelling). The allergist suggested a new formula called Neocate. She really likes it and there is much improvement with it-thankfully. We will have to avoid all milk and soy products through her first year of life and hopefully she will out grow it at that time.
Occupational Therapy came to the house this past Friday to evaluate Palmer's eating habits and see their skill level so far. Palmer is still working on getting her jaw muscles stronger so that she can get the suck, swallow, breath reflex down better. The OT told me to introduce a rattle and play patty cake with Blakely because she was ready. Palmer is just hanging out right now and doesn't really have a desire to get we assumed she would be that way. She is my laid back child. Blake is my "go-getter" like her big sister. One thing is for sure that this house is going to be a crazy town once everyone is really moving. I am excited though!
This past Saturday was mine and Jeff's 6 year anniversary. Our sweet sunday school teacher and her daughter came to the house and babysat all three girls. Bless their souls! Jeff & I went out to dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. We were thinking back to that day and not being able to imagine that 6 years later there would be a house full of girls! We are thankful and happy! Especially for our Blake. Sometimes I am sitting on the couch looking at her and just imagining a life a without her in it. I just can't! She is so precious in every way, as are all three of our little ladies.
Oh...big news in our baby sis is pregnant!!! We are thrilled and hoping for a boy to mix it up. May 28th is our big day!
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