Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to where it all began

Jeff & I made the visit to my OBGYN, Dr. Michelle Christine, at Birmingham OBGYN, here in Birmingham yesterday afternoon. I felt a little embarrassed strolling my "bus" plus 1 into the office, but everyone was so excited to see us it made me feel better. The office staff who are always so kind, just went bananas over the twins. As always everyone in the waiting room wanted to check out double trouble. It always cracks me up how people find twins amazing. I guess when you have them you just forget how strange it actually is to have two human beings growing in your belly at the same time and then arrive together. I was telling my mother that and she said, "I still can't believe you have twins!" Strange.
I had a good check up and shared our story with the physician. She had been keeping up through the blog and through people at the office, but was just amazed by the story once she heard it again from the horse's mouth. I hear myself telling it over and over again and sometimes stop and think, my gosh this is amazing. Throw in the generosity of the Bradley Family and you have a new "Blind Side" coming your way. Here I come Hollywood! Ha, right? Dr. Christine made a comment about how if you weren't a believer before hearing a story, how could not believe in some way or another afterwards. Medicine is truly a miracle, but so is the power of our God. I remember telling myself he had a plan for my girls and that he would not take either of them away from us and use them in some way. It is now wonderful to start to see this all unfolding.
I was a little sad knowing that my favorite doctor didn't get to deliver the twins but thankful she was able to meet them. I guess silly things like that really don't matter in the end.

OH, I forgot to mention in my email about Blakely's follow up appointment that we spoke to the surgeon about several things. One, being her ovaries. He said he was not sure if they were there or not, but they should be. He said he didn't encourage parents to concern themselves with checking in to that until they were 3 or 4 when the ovaries were bigger. We will probably get that checked out in a year or so around the time of her 1 year MRI. Also, Jeff asked Dr. Lim why she was born not breathing. We knew the tumor was hemorrhaging but had no indication she wasn't doing well with her breathing and were a little confused what led to that. He said that she just happened to be delivered at the moment the tumor had finally taken its toll on her. The hemorrhaging let to too much strain on her heart. So basically she was delivered at exactly the right moment. Now that is a God thing!

Tomorrow we are taking Blake to get checked for a protein allergy at a allergist and immunologist here in Birmingham. We feel 100% that she is allergic to the protein in cows milk, but just need to know for sure. She is eating much better now that she is on the protein sensitive formula thankfully. I hope that Blake doesn't cry too much tomorrow. I hate when she cries from pain.

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