Saturday, October 30, 2010


What a good week we had! Monday, meme & papa made a trip to Birmingham to pick up AK. They kept her while we were going to Ohio. Jeff & I left Tuesday morning, bright and early, and started our 8 hour trek to Cincy. It wasn't bad weather when we left, but boy did we hit some. At one point we passed a exit and immediately then heard on the radio from the weather service that if you were in that area a tornado had touched down and you needed to seek shelter immediately. ahhh! so scary! Made it to Cincinnati despite bad weather and poop in one piece.
Everyone was very excited to see the Bradley Family. We had missed them so much. So we picked right back up where we left off...talking about those Auburn Tigers. War Eagle!
Wednesday morning we had our appointment for Blakely. We went to the hospital a little early just in case. Ate lunch at the cafeteria and as I sat there feeding Blakely I realized the journey we had just been through. I had sat at those same tables eating that same yummy pizza time after time through pregnancy, post-delivery, and now while holding my precious girls. Wow! I wanted to stand on the tables and shout it to everyone. Miracle in your presence! Everyone oohed and ahhed over how cute the twins were too. Melted my heart. Since we had arrived early we headed on up to Floor 4, Area B to the RCNIC. Kourtney (Blake's primary) and Karen ( a charge nurse) came out to see the girls. We were all so excited. When you spend day in and day out with these people leaving them is like leaving a very close relative behind. Nice to visit with yall! I also felt some sadness for all the parents going in and out because I had one time been that parent who watched people bring in their graduated babies to visit wishing inside that it was me.
After our reunion we went to another part of the hospital to see Dr. Lim. He was excited to see us. A different vibe because now we were out! He checked Blakely over and she got a great report. He was very impressed with her healing and how wonderful she looked. We will have her alpha fetal protein markers checked in December. He anticipates these to be high. They will be checked every 3 months. So again in March. Dr. Lim said if these were the same or higher we will need to head back to Children's Cincinnati, but if they are lower then we will continue care down here in Birmingham. She will come back in August regardless for a 1 year follow up MRI. As much as we are wanting to go back to visit I don't really care to be visiting for a bad report. So everyone pray low markers in March. Sounds like something that should be on a t-shirt. Low Markers in March-ha!
Thursday Laura and I did a little shopping and we visited again with more old and some new friends. Friday was back to Alabama day. Thankfully the weather wasn't so scary. It was cold, but not scary. Arriving back in Birmingham to Ashlyn Kay's smiling face was the cherry on top! Such a great week.
Here is a picture of the twins in their Halloween costumes. They are mini-minnie's. Ashlyn Kay was a big girl Minnie Mouse. She would not cooperate to take a picture with the twins. Shocking I know. Thank you all for your prayers for us this week. As always, grateful!
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