Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out and about

Tonight Ashlyn Kay had her mother's day out Open House at Hunter Street Baptist Church. I asked her when she left school today if she wanted to come back tonight. Of course, she said yes..." Play coys (toys)". So of course we had to go. I convinced Jeff that we all needed to get out as a family. We are really supp. to be out with the twins since they are still tiny bits. We were all geared up for a day out anyway. This morning I was going to the doctor for a checkup and everyone at the office requested a visit from the twins since no one has met them yet. We all got up, got dressed, fed, car ready...oh the process it is to get 3 under 3 plus 2 ready to go anywhere and look presentable. They called at the last minute and needed me to change my appointment. Ahhhh! What effort we made. So I was bound and a determined to go somewhere and the Open House was perfect!
The 5 of us loaded up in our seperate cars because yes we still don't have a car big enough for 3 carseats. It will happen and when it does...Praise will it be. Ashlyn Kay cried of course because she wanted to be in the car with her baby sisters. So sweet to know she absolutely loves those little ladies. I sure hope that her love for them carries on when they are 15 and she is 17. We will see I guess. Anyway...we loaded up and off we went. Arrived at the church and started to unload. Pulled out the double snap and go (life saver). We were greeted by some friends and of course everyone was so excited the babies were out. A couple of stares and comments of "oh twins" later we were inside AK's classroom admiring her art. We chatted with some friends for a bit, her teacher, and watched her play, then out we went. It was a quick 30 minute trip but so nice to be out as a whole family of 5. I loved every minute of it! Can't wait for more outtings.

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