Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to Cincy

On Tuesday we will load up and head out to Cincinnati for Blake's one month check up with Dr. Lim at Children's Hospital. Jeff & I are both very excited. As much as we wanted to be back in Alabama we have missed the nurses, doctors, and our new friends in Ohio. We have also been a little cooped up since we have been back and this will be a chance to get out and about. Dr. Lim will check her incision to make sure it is still continuing to heal properly. I am also planning on asking him about our question of ovaries or no ovaries. I am hoping he gives us the answer I want to hear, but if he doesn't then that is something we will deal with and not worry about. ON a positive note, her broken down areas have completely healed! We now can use baby wipes on her when changing her diaper and she doesn't scream bloody murder either. This is a relief. We both dreaded the 8 diaper changes, sometimes more, a day we had to do with her. Jeff & I just felt to bad for her. Not exactly sure why they healed up all the sudden but literally one morning we woke up and they were gone. I think it has to do with the fact that we changed her formula to a protein sensitivity formula because I feel confident she is allergic to milk protein. I have in a call for a appointment with a allergist to test her to make sure.
I am so happy that we will get to spend several days with the Bradley family. It's been almost a month since we have seen them and I am having withdrawals-ha! We are hoping the girls can ride a little longer than 3 hours before stopping to eat. It took a really long time to get home last month. If it does take that long to get there then oh well. We are taking the twins and leaving Ashlyn Kay with meme for the week. There is still a issue of car to kid ratio for us. Meaning even our smaller SUV isn't big enough for 3 kids and 2 adults plus luggage. The car seats don't even all fit in the back seat. Hopefully we are going to get a van or larger SUV around Christmas time. We will see though. It is frustrating having to take 2 cars everywhere.
If everyone could pray for our safe travels and a good report from Dr. Lim.
On another note: today we are going to the Fall pumpkin carving social our sunday school class has every year. It is at Homewood Park, so I figured the fresh air would do us all good. I am hoping that the girls do well. I am nervous, but since today is so pretty and a great temperature I think it is the perfect time to say HELLO World we are the Moran Twins (well at least for a hour or so-ha). I will post pictures later!

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