Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its been a long

It has been a long time...almost a month to be exact...since the last blog post. I would like to first off dedicate this particular blog post to Merrit M. She reminds me when my blog has lacked post
and reminded me of this today. I told you I would post just for you! Hehe. So her ya go.

I guess I could use this time to post a semi-newsletter of sorts. I originally thought I might put one in my Christmas cards but then Oh Yea...I remembered I had three kids that needed every moment of my attention and just couldn't get it written, printed, and folded in to those envelopes. Sorry kiddos...maybe if I start now there will be one next year. Here's hoping.

Lets see now....where do we begin. Well Thanksgiving came and went. The air turned a little colder which meant I had to FINALLY put socks and shoes on the twins. Yes I know. I have been avoiding this for a while. They hate them #1 & #2 have YOU ever bought socks and shoes for 3 kids. 2 of which hate wearing them, don't go anywhere, and at the time couldn't even walk. Needless to say there are some advantages I imagine to livi ng in places where shoes don't even exist. Oh well it had to happen sometime. So got the socks and shoes and just in time. Palmer was walking a while back but now she runs at lightning speed and Blake finally came around. It is so precious to see her walking around. She stands so straight and pokes her belly out and toddles slowly through the house with a smile on her face. As if to say, "Oh yea, Oh yea, Oh yea". I am loving it. Well I am loving the fact that she has once again proven she is a miracle. Not so much loving that all things within tip toe reach are up for fair game, especially when her mischievous younger sibling provokes her to get it, touch it, throw it, etc. Oh well with the good always comes the bad.

The twinks just had their 15 month well baby visit this past week even though we were a little late since they are now 16 months. Whoops.
Blake: 30 inches tall & 19 pounds 10 ounces
Palmer: 31 inches tall & 19 pounds 4 ounces
Blake finally passed her sister in weight. Not sure how long it will last. Especially when I go through 2 dozen free range brown eggs A WEEK! Yes that is mainly just for the twins. Those girls eat like linebackers.

Blake will have her next AFP in Jan. I am sure her levels are low just like they should be. Even if they are in the single digits (which is good) we will still have them checked every 3 months until her 2nd birthday.

The girls are all really hilarious these days. Playing together (and fighting) more and more each day. Even AK wants her sisters to play. I just know they will all be big buddies soon. I am trying to teach the twins more words. They seem to be stuck on "uh oh", "bye bye", and "dadda". Which I think will eventually be the words he hears the most when they are teenagers. Uh oh dadda, bye bye. Mark my words!

Can't wait to post Christmas pictures. I'm sure they will be fun.