Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 has come and gone with no major issues. I think I am going to enjoy these type days. Jeff got up early and took my parents and sister to visit Blake for the first time. The nurse filled them in on everything and said she felt like Blake was doing good or better than yesterday. They gave her more blood last night and also got her picline in. When we went to visit tonight they were about to take out the line from her belly. Her blood pressure is getting better and so they are starting to wean her off of the epi. Dr. Lim said tonight that all of her current issues were and are expected because she is premature. He said he wanted to deal with these first and foremost before he even started to address the tumor issues. Her occupational therapist has visited today and the physicial therapist should soon to start working on her hips.

I got a pass to go see her today at Children's and I was very happy about that. They said I might be able to hold her tomorrow. Hooray! She was less frumpled and wrinkled because they had given her some pain medicine and said she was much happier. Dr. Lim called and said that we will be in a much better position at the end of the week and that is our goal for now.

Miss P was under her tanning bed light today. She was jaundice so they decided to give her a tan. She got to wear these super tiny black goggles that looked hilarious. She was moving all around. Tonight when we went back the nurse let me hold her before she was going to feed her. I was so happy! She is super tiny but so beautiful. She opened her eyes a lot and looked at me.

I am doing better too. Tonight I walked to the NICU so I was really proud of myself.

Day 3 has been good so far. Tomorrow they will discharge me and I will then be able to get over to see Miss B whenever I want.

Keep praying for slow and steady recover for me angels!

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  1. Kristen and Jeff,
    You two and the girls are in our prayers...God is our strength and our refuge....He is watching over all of you.
    We love you,
    Pam and Rodney Martin