Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Week

Wow! This is going to be a big week for the Moran Clan. Let's count the ways....

1. Moving out of Ronald McDonald House tomorrow. Sad to go. You have been good to us Ronald. I will miss you.
2. Moving back in with the Bradley family until Thursday. Thank you Bradley Family!
3. Palmer is coming home or well home away from home on Tuesday! Hooray! We are so excited to have one of our girls out of the NICU (and so quickly) and in our arms whenever we want. No more trucking through University Hospital, signing in, sterilizing hands via the glass doors, holding her while she is attached to wires, and having to kiss her goodnight and walk out the door. Goodbye to University and welcome home Sweet Pea.
4. Blakely is having her second and hopefully final surgery on Thursday. We are excited to be moving forward but nervous about the whole process. I hope and pray she does well and recovers quickly. We are on our way to getting back to Birmingham. Praise Jesus!
5. Moving into the apartment in Mason on Thursday. Finally a place all to our own.
6. Ashlyn Kay is coming back to me on Friday. I have missed her so much words do not even begin to explain. 3 weeks without your child is entirely too long, especially when you don't want the break. My family is also coming to visit us for the Labor Day weekend. Almost everyone under one roof again.

So those are my "To Do's" for the week. I am exhausted already.

I am so thankful and grateful to be able to write such positive post lately. I look around the NICU sometimes and realize I could be in a much different frame of mind right now. I have two twins who are thriving which is rare where I am at. God is amazing in every way and each and everyone of you have and are playing a role in getting these girls home. Your prayers work and really need you all to keep up the good work. God is listening and providing.

I need everyone to keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week. There will be a lot of emotions and changes this week. Mainly we are concerned for Thursday and Blake's surgery. We anticipate that she will do fine but preemie's are unpredictable. We have extreme faith in the surgeon and hope that God touches and guides his hands. We will update everyone throughout the day as we get updates. Please pray!

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