Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2

Today is Day 2. It seems like it has been a month but it literally has only been about 28 hours since the twins were born. What a whirlwind yesterday was. Now that I have had time to sit and actually recall the events I honestly was so out of it yesterday I didn't even really realize the magnitude of how insane everything was that was going on around me.

As for mommy. I am doing well, or so the nurses tell me. They took my IV out today as well as my catheter. I have walked around a couple of times, but only from my bed to the bathroom. The short distance seems like a mile. I am very very sore and move so so slowly. I got some really good rest today and am sleeping 100% better now that the babies are out. I slept very well last night. I haven't been able to get comfortable for about 4 months so it was nice to be able to sleep without waking in extreme pain. I woke up several times from being anxious about the Dr. calling in the middle of the night to give us bad news. I was so happy to see daylight. We had made it through Day 1!

Update on the girls:

She had several lab test run last night. They all came back okay. She is still intubated but is only having to use the lowest setting. They are considering taking her off of that breathing machine and putting a CPAP machine on her. This is a good thing. Her liver panel came back okay as well. She had a echo today and it turned out well. She also had a ultrasound of her belly and brain and both turned out good. She is still being fed through a feeding tube. She had to have some epi today to bring her blood pressure back up and is now doing well with that and they are going to start weaning her off. She also is or will be receiving some more units of blood tonight. They tried to put a picline in so that they don't have to stick her a million times, but were unsuccessful. We just talked to her nurse again and they moved the location to her leg and they got it in. So for now, she is stable and making improvements. Slowly but surely. I call Day 2 of life a success!

Today she is also doing very well. They will hopefully remove the CPAP machine tonight and give her nasal oxygen instead. She is also still on a feeding tube but they are considering removing it at the end of the week and allowing her to feed from a bottle. She took her formula feeding through the tube today very well. I was told today that I will more than likely get to start holding her tomorrow. I can not wait to get my arms around that tiny angel. She is doing really really well. They are estimating she will only have to stay in the NICU for another 4-5 weeks.

My parents and grandparents brought Big Sis AK over today to see me. I was so excited to see her smiling face. She wore her cute I'm a big sis t-shirt. I had planned to get pictures of it but she zonked out before we could. She saw pictures of the babies and was like "baby". That was about it. Probably next week we will take her to visit both girls and meet her baby sisters. She will be so happy.

All in all today was a good day. Its a lot of going back and forth, checking in, updates, etc. It is very tiring, but I guess we better get used to it because this is our life for a while. I am sure it will eventually become routine and easier.

The love you all have shown for us is beyond comprehension. Jeff and I can't even wrap our minds around it. Who knew we were so taken care of! God is amazing in every single way!!


  1. Your disposition is such a sweet witness to God's tender care and faithfulness. Will continue to pray for your peace that passes all understanding and for the girls to thrive! Love you both! jen

  2. We are thinking about ya'll and praying for you all the time! Love you!