Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another week has officially passed. It is insane that it is now the end of the month and the girls will be 33 weeks old tomorrow or 2 weeks old. I am beyond thankful that I can write those words. Today, Jeff & I were remembering when I first moved up here on July 26th and how so much has changed since then.
We are so happy because Blake has remained stable throughout this whole week. She has made some great improvements. She was taken off the CPAP machine and now has a nasal canula. Her pain medicine has been discontinued. She is having some withdrawals and is a little anxious with all the stimulation she now hears and feels, but she is slowly getting used to it. We are getting to hold her more often which is so nice. I finally was able to see her beautiful eyes the other day. It is amazing what you don't realize you miss when your child is in the NICU rather than bringing them home. The doctors have mentioned doing the MRI this week and they are also going to do a VCUG. A VCUG is a test where they put in dye to determine if urine is flowing the correct direction. We will find out when the test will be tomorrow, hopefully. Blake is having a little issue with her feeds. They had to slow them down to come over a hour time period. She was spitting it back up when it was coming faster than that. This new slower method seems to be working.
Palmer will start getting bottle fed this week, hooray. We have been doing our kangaroo care more often. This is where the baby gets down to just their diaper and you put them skin to skin with the mother and they lay their for about 2 hours at a time. It promotes healing and lots of other good stuff. Palmer is on her way to coming home.
Jeff and I are still staying at the Ronald McDonald House. We intend to stay here about another two weeks then move to the furnished apartment in Mason by the time AK comes home then soon afterwards Palmer.
We are praying for another stable week for both girls. At this point we couldn't ask for more. We are so blessed.

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