Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So many changes in just a couple of days. We are making such strides in the right direction. It's all so exciting.

Blake lost her nasal canula, so she is breathing on room air. I love seeing her face with out all of the tubes. She still has her feeding tube, but that is nothing compared to all of the other contraptions. She has been on room air for several days now and is doing great! She is eating well and they are happy with her growth. She will have a full body MRI tomorrow at noon. This scan will assess her brain activity, lungs, and the remaining portion of the teratoma. This will give the surgical team a better idea of where we go next and a plan of action for her upcoming surgery. We hope to have a meeting with Dr. Lim this week so we will know more of what the plan is. She will also have a VCUG. This is where they fill up her bladder with blue dye and see how it comes out. Sometimes with teratomas things get shifted around inside so the doctors want to make sure she does not have what they called urinary reflux which means the urine goes up instead of down. If she does have it, normally babies out grow it eventually. They will have re-intubate her for the scan because she will be under general anesthesia. Keep her in your prayers and think of her while she is having her scan.
Palmer is growing so fast. She is our little porker. She now weighs 4 pounds 4 ounces-whoa! Tonight Jeff got to feed her from a bottle-first time ever! The nurses said she did great. This is our next and final step before she gets home. She has to be able to take all of her full feedings from the bottle for several days before she can go home. She still will probably be in the NICU for a couple more weeks. Otherwise she is doing perfect.

We found a apartment today and will hopefully move in before Labor Day. The apartment is in Mason which is about 20 minutes from the hospitals. The apartment will allow us to have more of a home style setting for when Ashlyn Kay returns and Palmer comes home from the hospital. We are really excited about it! We are enjoying being so close to the hospitals but now that we are spending more and more time there it really won't matter where we are. The insurance company is still working on getting Palmer moved over to Childrens to make things easier on Jeff & I. It gets hard having to split our time between both girls and going back and forth. We now are splitting up and so Jeff will be with one baby for a couple of hours while I am with the other then we swap. This allows us to spend more time with both girls.

For now our angels are doing wonderfully and we couldn't ask for more. We are truly blessed and again God is proving how powerful prayer is. Without prayer I don't think we would be where we are 2 weeks in. The nurses account the night Blake and Palmer were born and how what little miracles they are. Hearing how things went and in what horrible condition Blake was in, it really and truly is a miracle. EXPECT A MIRACLE!

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