Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly update

Sorry if I mis-wrote on the last post about my appointments. I think I wrote that I had one yesterday but I meant to say today. Today I had a BPP (biophysicial profile) via ultrasound, echo, and meeting with one of the pedatric surgeons at Childrens.

First was the BPP. This is where via ultrasound they measure each babies amniotic fluid in the sacs, watch them practice breathing, check their heart rate, etc. The best score is a 8. They both received a 8 out of 8. So the day started off well. Their heart rates were down from Monday which was great.

Next was the echo at Childrens. We never really get much information from the echo because the technician gives it to the fetal cardiologist to read and then he reports to the pedatric surgeon. The technician did measure them for weight. Each weighed 3 pounds. The doctos said about 30-40% of Blakely's weight is the teratoma. So she actually probably weighs 2 something. But Palmer is beefing up.

Last we met with one of the pediatric surgeon's. We normally meet with Dr. Lim, but this time with Dr. Crumblehorn (spelling?). He was very nice. Talked a little over our heads but got his point across well. He first started by saying that he had great news. I really could have cared less what he said after that-ha! All I heard was good news. But I continued to listen anyway.

Blakely's CCO (combined cardiac output) was in the 750's on Monday. Today it was 604! OMG! She is still not showing any signs of heart failure and seems to still be thriving. My fluid was high today, 14. This is concerning but not too concerning right now. Unless the fluid continues to increase or if it starts to effect Blakely in any way or starts to effect me then we have a problem. He said that at times they do remove some of the fluid via needle, but really would only want to do that if necessary because it would most likely send me into pre term labor and with me already having contractions might get something going. So as of now we are just going to let it ride.

The surgeons met this morning and have changed their approach to Blakely's surgery. They feel that a total removal of the teratoma might be too risky for such a small premature baby. Now if she makes it further gestationally then that plan again would change. But since they feel like the girls will be here within the next two weeks at most a new surgical plan has been devised.

Once Blakely is born, they will immediately wrap a turniquote of some type around her aorta below her pelvis. This will but off blood supply to the major vessels of the teratoma. They will then dissolve some of the major vessels and then release the turniquote. At that time it should start to die. They will then take her to surgery and take off the portion of the teratoma that is outside along with her tailbone. Once she is stable and healthier, which they said would be a couple of months later, they will go back in and remove the interior portion of the teratoma. Then she should be completely done with Mr. Tera Toma! or Terry as we like to call him.

They said that this is the safest and best option for her since she will be so premature. I agree!

They also keep reminding us of the small but possible chance of the hemmorraging of the SCT upon delivery. If it hemmorages she will bleed out within 2 minutes. We are all obviously praying praying praying that the surgeons can carefully remove her from the womb without this happening.

So today was a great day! I am on strict orders to rest. On Monday I will have another BPP, Echo, and my second fetal MRI. Then as always assessment with the doctor afterwards. We are all going to hope that this meeting is the same or better and that this pattern continues for 2 more weeks. Which at that time I will be 31 weeks and we are so, so, close to our 32 week marker when our odds increase dramatically of success.

Just another emotional roller coaster but I enjoy the highs and not the lows. I am anxious to meet my angels but happy they are keeping up the good work inside. I think they are doing better because of the Graeter's ice cream here in Ohio. It's amazing and obviously they like it. Guess I will just have to take one for the team and eat it everyday!

Thank you all for praying for my specific prayer because it worked. Continue praying the prayer and maybe throw in a little prayer for my anxiety level to stay low. The closer I get the more anxious I become. Also, my daddy will be traveling home tomorrow, Kala on Sunday, and Jeff & AK to Mason on Sunday. Lots of my loved ones making destination changes.


  1. Great news, Kristen!! We will be praying!

  2. This is great news! We will continue to pray for you all! Mikki & Butch