Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update after Cincinnati-July

Yesterday evening we arrived back from our 2nd follow-up trip to Cincinnati. We were going back to have a follow-up ultrasound, echocardiogram, and meeting with Dr. Lim. Things seem to be going well with the girls. The teratoma now measures about 10 cm, which is still only about 20-30% of her body size. So this was good news. Her cardiac output has increased but not so much that she is in danger. Blakely is handling it very well. They looked at her brain, kidneys, intestines, bladder, all major organs and everything is great! Palmer is doing wonderful too. Both babies are growing very well. One technician measured their estimated weight, Blakely (2 pounds 6 ounces) and Palmer (2 pounds 1 ounce). Another technician measured them at 1 pound 15 ounces and 1 pound 13 ounces. We were told there is a 4 ounce margin of error. So a good estimate is that they probably both weigh around 2 pounds, give or take. I was really happy about that.
Dr. Lim does have one small concern. The amniotic fluid normally measures between 5-8. Mine is around 10. He said I am at this point in no danger and neither are the babies. If the fluid increases to 12-13 or higher, this is cause for concern. Now that we are back in Birmingham I will be monitored 2-3 times a week with ultrasounds, fetal heart tones on the girls, fluid measurements and fetal stress test. This is called biophysical profiles. The doctor has a scale and a rating for each test. They add it all up and that is her biophysicial profile number. I had to have this done when I was pregnant with Ashlyn Kay. It determines if they are thriving in utero.
If my fluid goes up we will have to go back to Cincinnati at that time. If all stays the same we will not go back until July 26th. This will be for again a followup ultrasound, echocardiogram, and meeting with Dr. Lim. At that time we will also tour the OB floor, RCNIC (regional center for newborn intensive care) and the NICU at University.
I will most likely not come home once we go back. If I do it will only be for a week or so then back up to Cincinnati for good. Dr. Lim is excepting but not hoping to deliver the girls by c-section between 30-32 weeks. That is the 1st-3rd week of August. He is crossing his fingers (as well as us) to be able to wait and deliver between 32-34 which was the original plan. That is the middle to end of August. Either way I will go up the 1st of August to stay, possibly be put on hospital bedrest at University, and then deliver when necessary. Once we go back in 3 weeks Dr. Lim and Dr. VanHook (the OB) will be able to give us a much more concrete date of delivery.
We were also thrown a slight curveball yesterday. Jeff & I were originally expecting to only be in Cincinnati until first to middle of October. We were told that both babies had to stay in their NICU's until my original due date which is October 11th. Blake will then stay 4 weeks (at minimum) after that for post-op surgical reasons. So the earliest we will be bringing both babies home is the 2nd week of November. Bummer big time! Anybody got any snow gear? Haha!
We are planning on trying to get into the Ronald McDonald House which is located right next door to the hospital. It is really nice from what we understand.

So, all in all the visit yesterday was a positive visit. I am very happy that the teratoma seems to be leveling off rather than speeding up its growth. Everyone who is praying must be praying hard because something is working! Keep it up!
I will update everyone next week if there are any changes.
I can not express enough how appreciative Jeff & I are that each of you who read this blog pray for our family and our girls. It means so much.


  1. Oh my word...I am so blessed to be a witness to this testimony of faith. Much love and continued prayers! Jen

  2. We will continue to pray away at this house! Glad to read the positive news :) Love you, Jenn Trammell