Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eventful as always

Friday evening I started feeling sort of funny. A little dizzy, weak feeling, sort of crazy (more crazy than usual-ha). I felt better Saturday then it started again. So my mother advised me, because I didn't have sense enough, to call my OB here in Birmingham. The nurse said that I needed to go to Labor & Delivery to get checked out. Once I got there they hooked me up to the monitors the nurse realized I was having contractions. Who knew?!? The nurse gave me a shot of breathine which stops contractions. I ended up having about 2 shots then they finally released me around midnight. I am on the breathine every 4-6 hours until we go back to Cincinnati. It makes you really jittery and your heartrace, but stops the contractions. The doctor said contractions are normal for women carrying twins. As long as I don't dilate things are still good.

Today I went to the see her for a follow up. The girls both looked wonderful. My fluid was down which is great! Everything looked wonderful. I wasn't dilated so that is really good. She insisted I take it extremely easy until we go back to Cincinnati in two weeks. The girls cooperated today too and we got some great pictures of them! I will post them soon.

Skip forward to today, which is Thursday. Saw Dr. Gonzalez, the MFM. Everything still looked really good with the girls. Oddly enough Blakely should be the only one with a higher combined cardiac output, but seems that Palmer wants to join in on the fun too. Dr. G said that output is around 600 something and the scary category would be 800 something. We are creeping up on scary but not at a rapid pace. He seems to agree with the doctors in Cincy that 30-32 weeks is much more likely than 32-34 weeks for delivery. I am 27 weeks this week. I will be starting a steroid treatment next week to boost the girls lungs. Once we get to Cincinnati I might receive another treatment, not sure though.

As Dr. G says, all the dominoes are lining up in place and if we can make it to a safe due date then we can hit the first one and they will all fall in to place. Keep your fingers crossed!

I go back to Dr. G & Dr. C next week, then off to Ohio on the 25th. I am beginning to become nervous and anxious. Obviously which are expected. I don't like these two emotions, not one bit! I prefer to be calm cool and collected. I have a deep sense that everything is going to turn out just perfect. I just don't like not knowing the unexpected.

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