Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birmingham Pediatric Surgeon

Yesterday Jeff & I met with Dr. Harmon at UAB/Childrens. He is a pediatric surgeon here in Birmingham. Dr. G thought it would be a good idea to meet someone in case of a emergency situation. He was very nice and all the information he gave us was on target with Cincinnati and the other doctors. That was reassuring.
After meeting with him and weighing all of our options we have officially decided to deliver in Cincinnati. Mainly for their experienced team and secondly for insurance purposes. My insurance does not cover me at UAB and with the cost that we just incurred in one days time at Cincinnati I can not imagine paying those bills!
Although it would be much more convenient to stay here in Birmingham and deliver the girls and for Blakely to have her surgery here, Cincinnati is where we are more comfortable, so that is where we are headed.
My next follow-up visit at CCH is next Tuesday the 6th. I am anxious to have everything checked out again and to get our "final" plan of action. Once we come home we will know the (cross our fingers) delivery date, etc.

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