Tuesday, June 8, 2010

22 week appointment

I went to my regular OBGYN today, Dr. Christine. The tech measured the teratoma (which had grown from Wednesday) and checked out their heartrates. The heartrates were wonderful. The teratoma is expected to grow though since she was bigger.
My belly measured 27 weeks which is great! The bigger these babies are the better. Not so great though that I will officially be gigantic soon. She has cut out my workouts and any type of exercise completely, so sad:(. No more bootcamp ladies.
We explained everything to her that went on in Cincinnati and she agreed with their findings. We are going to see the MFM doctor here Thursday for a echo of the twins heart and teratoma measurement. We are going to ask him to refer us to the pediatric surgeons at Children's Hospital Birmingham for a consult. We just want to get as many opinions as possible, which Dr. Christine encouraged. Then we will make our decision on Birmingham versus Cincinnati.
Blakely would not cooperate today at all with showing us her face, but Palmer did and I got a great 4-D shot of her. I will post it later along with the gigantic belly! Prepare yourself.

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