Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check up time

Today was my bi-weekly check-up with both Dr. Christine & Dr. Gonzalez-Ruiz.

At Dr. Christine's office the US technician looked at the girls and got me a great profile shot of Blakely, who for once was cooperating. Palmer, not so much. Everything seemed to be fine with them from their stand point. I measured at 30 weeks which is about 5 weeks ahead. I am actually on 24 weeks as of this past Monday. I will go back to Dr. Christine next week for my routine sugar test. Good times!

On to the next appointment which was at Dr. G's office. They measured the SCT and checked both babies CCO (combined cardiac output). This measurement lets them know if the blood supply is adequate to the needed parts. Dr. G said that obviously the SCT had grown and her CCO was slightly higher than last time. These two things are expected. As long as Blake is growing so will these. He puts things in the Ok or Not Ok category. She is in the Ok category. So this was great news! She is a fighter and a tough cookie. Dr. G said she is showing no signs of distress at this point.

We were to have already met with the pediatric surgeon and neurosurgeon here in Birmingham, but there has been a issue. The original surgeon is leaving Alabama. So we will now meet with someone else next week or at least by the time we go back to Cincinnati which is July 6th. We are only doing this as a Plan "B" course of action for if a emergency were to arise. Basically Jeff & I have decided to deliver in Cincinnati. I have been asking God to guide us on this decision and looks like he is making the decision for us. Thank goodness though that someone is making decisions for us-whew!

Dr. G also stated today that I will start steroids anywhere between 26-28 weeks of gestation to pump up the girls lungs since they will arrive so early.

Seems to be though that AK being so little was a fluke and that I am meant to have big babies. Blakely weighed in at 1 pound 11 ounces and Palmer at 1 pound 10 ounces. He said if they went to term they would be whoppers! I am thankful that my after dinner snack of oreos and milk is doing their body good! Because it is not doing mine any good at all!!!
They are in the 70th percentile which is wonderful for twins!

So today was a good day. I am anxious to go back to Cincinnati to get a final plan for their appearance. It seems so far away when I'm walking to my car in 100 degree weather, but in actuality it is only about 8-10 more weeks. Jeff & I will be parents of twin girls-who is scared???

I got a profile picture of each of the girls today and will post them soon. They of course look just like their daddy and big sis.

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