Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surgery Day

Today was yet another surgery day, our 4th to be exact. She has had a surgery every single week of her life except for one. Can you imagine?

Jeff & I arrived around noon or a little before and spent time sitting with her, holding her, and loving on her. Jeff held her for a long time which he really enjoyed. Once the anesthesia team arrived around 1:00 we did our usual routine. Go over the past surgeries, answer questions, and then walk down to the 3rd floor where we have to stop and give our hugs and kisses then we head to the waiting room. The surgery actually started around 1:45 or 2:00 and she was out in about a hour. Quick one this time. Dr. Lim met with us afterwards as usual. He let us know he had once again rinsed out the wound then closed it up except for a tiny pin hole area to allow for drainage to get out. He cleaned out the other suture lines and put in more sutures to help pull the skin closer together. It looks much better. Well Jeff always laughs when the nurses and I comment on how great it looks. Since her hiney actually looks so strange. I would post a picture because yes I took one but I'm not going too.

Dr. Lim said she would remain on the antibiotics for another two weeks just in case and that hopefully if all looks well through the weekend her feedings will begin. Hip Hip Hooray for Blake! The nurse said when they do their assessment and she listens to her belly that it is just gurgling. Poor girl. So as long as no infection appears and her healing continues to do well then it will be up to her to break out. He said he would suspect about 2 more weeks and that we could even have her sutures removed in Birmingham. What great news!

Our apartment lease is up on the 1st of October so we know we are staying until then but will hopefully be able to bring her to the apartment at the beginning of that week.

She recovered well from surgery today. By the time she got back up to the pod she was trying to get her intubation tube out so they respiratory therapist went ahead and pulled it out. Girl doesn't like that thing. She had little pain and was snoozing away when we left. She is becoming a pro at these surgeries.

So thank you all for prayers during her surgery today. Please pray that her healing continues and that we get to start making our way back to Alabama. Sweet Home Alabama!

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