Sunday, September 19, 2010

B Pod here we come

So today was a big day for the Queen! After surgery rounds this morning she was given the A-Okay for feeds. Hooray. We were knocking on the door of 3 weeks without food, poor gal. But that has all changed. The nurse called and said they decided to go straight for the bottle and no feeding tube. Jeff and I thought it was a little premature, but they are the physicians, not us. I arrived just in time for her first bottle feeding. They want her to take a minimum of 35 mils a feeding every 3 hours. She did pretty well with her bottle the first go round. She only took 25 mils, but the nurse said that was okay. About a hour after she ate she had a drop in heart rate, but I was told it was probably reflux which we know she has. So the nurse said she would see how she did at her following feeding. She was promised to be moving to B pod which is the private room so that Palmer can come and visit.
I called back tonight to see how things went and to see if she got moved. She did get moved, hooray! I am sad to see G pod go, but I am happy that Palmer will be able to come and visit. I just feel strongly that the girls need to be together. The nurse informed that her feeding went okay, but she did have some trouble breathing while she ate, so they went ahead and put in a feeding tube to start her off with. I was sort of happy about this. I really felt like they were throwing way too much at her way too fast. I don't want to overwhelm her, taking it slow is much better in my opinion. Hopefully she can work up with her feeds and then start back with the bottle again in a couple of days.
I also got to change her diaper today. I have only changed about 3 so far for her. Her bottom looked well and wasn't read and swollen so that is good. Her incision seems to be healing really well. It is still a little strange because her little hiney is so different from well babies. I am sure we will get used to it eventually.
I am as always appreciative of your prayers and need them to continue that all things keep going up!
Tomorrow after my 6 week post pardum check Jeff and I are planning to take Palmer to visit her sister! Hope she likes her as much as Ashlyn Kay.

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  1. So happy for you all! We'll keep praying for little Blake and for a quick two weeks!