Thursday, September 23, 2010

A official meet & greet

I am just so stinkin excited because today will be the official meet and greet for Palmer & Blakely. Now yes, they did share a space for 31 weeks but have not yet actually touched each other. I haven't been able to hold both my girls at the same time nor even see them together. I just can't wait! My hope is that they just cuddle up together as if they have never been apart. Knowing my kids they will not even interact at all and just lay there like two babies-ha! I hope not. We will see I guess.

Palmer is obviously feeling better and cold free. Bless her little soul though I think she has some reflux but that is not shocking to our family. She is getting so big and is just as adorable as ever. Blake was doing great when I was there yesterday. She is now allowed to take a bottle every feeding. They give her 40 mL and allow her to take as much as she likes then they put the rest through her NG tube over 2 hours. She took 10 mL at the feeding I was there for and did really well. The OT and Speech Therapist will continue to work with her on that. She tends to want to suck it down quickly. If any of you know Jeff and how he eats this is not shocking one bit.

The discharge nurse dropped by again yesterday so we could discuss the possible discharge date. First of all I can't believe I am even getting to discuss discharge. I honestly thought this day would never come. On Wednesday she will have her sutures removed. From a surgical standpoint she is ready to leave, but from a feeding standpoint we will have to see. We hope by Wednesday she will be taking all of her feedings by either bottle or NG tube. A NG tube is the tube in her nose where they hook up a syringe and pour the formula in there and let gravity pull it down. So as long as she is doing good with feeds Friday is our discharge date. We will stay in Ohio for several days to make sure nothing is going to happen with her wound. Then on Monday or Tuesday we will head to Birmingham with a stop in Nashville. Blake still isn't able to put alot of pressure on her wound so riding on her hiney for such a long time would be too much. So hopefully October 4th or 5th we will be making our way to Alabama!

I just can't believe this day is almost here. Continue your prayers for her good progress!

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