Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here we go again

Well here we go again. I feel like I repeat this same statement at least once a week, which actually for the last three weeks I have-ha. So tomorrow Dr. Lim and his team are going to take her back to the operating room for another wound revision. After the last surgery they left a portion of the wound open. They have been cleaning it and changing its dressings at each diaper change while keeping her on strong antibiotics. The open portion of the wound has now retracted (closed) up enough to where the doctor feels like it needs some help. They could allow it to continue to close up on its own but then she will have to remain on a no formula diet. As of today she hasn't eaten in about 2 weeks. So they will go in, wash it out completely, and put in several sutures to help it close up. So hopefully in a couple of days she will be able to start back on formula. They will insert the tube back in through her nose and feed her that way for several days to make sure her stomach tolerates the formula. This shouldn't be a problem since she has done this before. Then the occupational therapist will work on touch sensation around her mouth. She also should be good with this because she loves her pacifier! Then the occupational therapist will work on feeding her with a bottle. She will work up her feeds while continuing to allow her wound to heal. Then cross our fingers will be out of there.
So at 1:00 tomorrow the hope is that this will be Blake's last surgery here in Cincy. As always keep her, the surgeons, and all of the team in your thoughts and prayers. I will update everyone once she is out of surgery.

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