Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hairbows are always a good sign

Yes, the title is correct. Today when I arrived to the RICNIC my angel had in a hair bow and a top on! Whew hew! I knew that things were going good today when she was allowed to show her fashionable side. Dr. Lim said her wound looked "a-okay" and that he felt like he could hold off on surgery plans this week. He would cleanse the wound at the bedside and have her nurses change her dressings. This was music to my ears. She also was extubated last night and was allowed to go directly to room air, no nasal canula like before.
She isn't completely out of the woods due to the fact that she is still stooling into and on her wound, but that is unavoidable. The nurses are cleaning it and changing her dressings with every diaper change. Crossing our fingers this keeps the infection under control.
Today was a good day!

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