Sunday, September 5, 2010

1 month birthday!

Tomorrow is the girls 1 month birthday! Hooray! They will be 35 weeks old. This is such a great day. So much has changed and it has all changed for the better.
Palmer is doing very well at our temporary home. She is such a wonderful baby. She sleeps and eats and repeats. Never cries and loves to snuggle. I am so happy to have her here rather than being in the NICU anymore.
Blake is doing well after surgery. Last night they extubated her and put her on a nasal canula. Hooray! She has been taken off of her pain medicine and is tolerating it well. She was so happy to be able to move her head around, finally. While we were at the bedside the surgeon came by. He took off her dressing because he said it was a little too moist. He put extra steri strips to support the open incisions. The surgeon said sometimes during this type of surgery when they shave the tumor away from skin it can permanently damage the nerves of the skin and it causes the skin to die. He felt like at this point hers was not in that situation because there were no breaks in color. They are planning on taking her catheter out soon. This is a important step. The hope is that she can urinate on her own. Again, sometimes there is nerve damage and it causes the bladder to not work. So we will cross our fingers. I again have confidence that this will not be the case. They are going to be able to move her to her back today which will allow for some of the fluid to start moving out of her body. The major battle now will be to keep her wound from getting infected. This is very tricky since it is on her behind. This is why she is not going to be allowed to eat for yet another 4-5 days. Hopefully by then the incision will be healed enough to ward off infection. All in all things are looking up and we are making great progress.

My sister & her husband are leaving today to head back to Alabama. We have had a great visit. My parents will go back tomorrow. I am so sad everyone is leaving. I am happy that Ashlyn Kay will be staying this time around. Jeff & I are so happy to have her back. She loves her "baby sista" as she calls her. She laughs at her every time she makes a noise. I can't wait until she can meet Blake too.

We are so thankful for everything right now!

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