Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny Story

Last night Jeff, AK, Palmer, & I went to the Bradley's home to have dinner. After dinner we stayed a while to chat then the girls started to fall apart a little so we knew it was time to go. It was time for Palmer to eat as well. The Bradleys home is only a couple of minutes from our apartment so Jeff and I thought it would be okay for Palmer to hold off until we got home. Were we wrong! We buckeled the girls in and headed out of the drive. Palmer started crying or screaming because she was hungry then here chimed in Big Sis because we had left her "cup cup" and her "buh"! So AK is screaming "cup cup" over and over and Palmer is shrieking with hunger. Oh and we had also taken our trash with us to drop it off at the dumpster but of course we forgot to drop it off. So screaming kids and a car that smelled of poop! AMAZING! All we could do was laugh hysterically. Then Jeff said, "Just think if Blake was back there"! Ahhh!

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