Friday, September 17, 2010

Looking up

Blake is recovering well from surgery, thank goodness. Yesterday they went ahead and moved her back to her crib from the warmer. After rounds this morning the surgeons decided she could move off of her stomach and lay whichever way she wants. She seemed happy about that. Blake was going to be moved to "B" pod which is where the private rooms are. I was really excited because once she gets moved Palmer can come to the NICU. I am dying to get her there and get the two girls together for the first time since August 9th. A community admission arrived literally minutes before her nurse was about to wheel her on back-booo to community admissions. So they were hoping she would get to move in this weekend after some folks were discharged. We will see....
Other than that little disappointment for me Blake is doing wonderful. She looked great and seemed so happy today while I was holding her. It was nice to hold her again after a couple of days. It is the worst thing to one day be able to cuddle her and then the next just look at her. It stinks!
Yesterday we did get the good word from a surgical standpoint that in two weeks she can be discharged. Hooray!
So things are starting to look up!

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