Saturday, September 25, 2010


Everyday we get a phone call from the resident to update us on Blake's progress and other information we need to know. So like normal I answer and she goes over anything that has happened within the last 24 hours. She informed us that Blake took 98% of her feeds via the bottle. So they decided to remove her NG feeding tube since she was doing so good with her bottles. So that was great news! They had indicated we would have to go home with the feeding tube but thankfully she loves to eat.
On Monday she will be 12 days post op from her last surgery. Originally they were feeling the need to remove the sutures 14 days post op but this morning in rounds the surgeons said Monday would be fine because the sutures were ready. The resident told us that since she was eating so well, gaining weight, and getting her sutures out on Monday that she could go HOME! Hooray! So on Monday or Tuesday depending on us the Queen will be making her exit from Children's RCNIC. This is the most exciting news ever. This means we can leave on Thursday or Friday to head home to Bama. I am literally about to burst with excitement.
I just can't believe our journey here is coming to a end and we are finally moving on the next stage. It will be 7 weeks on Monday since the twins were born. I just can't believe how far we have come and in such a short amount of time. The doctors each time are amazed by how well she does with each task they give her. Meme says well of course she is doing good, God answers prayers doesn't he?! Our God is a awesome God for sure!
This time next week I will be sitting at my house looking at my three angels all together. What a blessing.
Lets all keep praying our journey continues to be positive!


  1. Such great news! So happy for you all. We have an awesome God!!!!

  2. Wonderful!!! Let me know if you need any help moving! :)

  3. It is truly amazing! God is good and He has been so good to y'all! I can't believe you will be back home so soon. Praying for you are you transition to 3 little girls at home!