Monday, April 18, 2011

Hmmm...let's see what is going on in our life right now. Well, first off, ear infections have taken over my twins and refuse to give their happy smiling selves back. First it was B, then P, then B&P, then B, now B&P. I mean that is a lot of ear gunk if your asking me. I resulted in drastic measures today. I took them to my old employer to see Dr. LeJeune. He said hopefully with new antibiotics they will clear up, but I'm betting Blake will be seeing the inside of a operating room soon for tubes. I took them all by myself and they were pretty cranky. We made it out one left behind. AK did put her "azule" sucker in the exam room trashcan then proceed to take it back out and give it a big lick. GROSS! I'm sure she will live though. Our pictures that we had done of the girls to show their growth so far are back. Hooray. If you want to see them you can go to Click on Client Proofing, then Private Sittings, scroll to Kristen M., and type in MORAN (caps). Blake wasn't herself that day due to her first ear infection. She normally hams it up. We took our house off the market and are now putting it back on. I am hoping and praying for a sell before the twins 1st birthday. My house has turned in to a play,sewing,office,living space and I don't have that much space. Bless poor little Ashlyn Kay's heart. We don't have room for a play kitchen for her so she uses Jeff's bedside table drawers as ovens. Bless her little imaginary heart. In keeping up with my thankfulness here are some thankful thoughts: 1. A home (too small or too big) I have a place to keep warm and cool 2. A good husband 3. modern medicine 4. Caring friends Have a wonderful week!

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