Monday, April 4, 2011


Dr. Lim called tonight at 8:15 p.m. That man never sleeps or rest I don't think. I am thankful and grateful for dedicated physicians. I was reading AK her bedtime stories so he talked to Jeff. He said the rise in numbers isn't alarming right now. He suggested to stick with the plan and recheck at her June appointment. That will be a very important check. He didn't speculate as to why they were elevated and told Jeff that we shouldn't worry. I feel relieved that he isn't concerned. Normally when doctor says that I am leary, but Dr. Lim is over cautious and would never put our Blake in harms way. So if he says no need to worry...then momma isn't going to worry. I think honestly that sometimes God puts tiny (checks) in our lives. Life lately is very hectic. We have gone back to our old ways of putting everything before the things that count. The tiny scare just reminded me to slow down and enjoy my children. Stop trying to be super parents! Obviously please keep her in your prayers. I am hoping this little moment wasn't something greater to come. Pray for low numbers in June.

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