Friday, April 8, 2011

Already Forgotten

I'm sitting here on the couch watching Blake bounce away in her rainforest jumperoo, Ashlyn Kay is using her Dora pencils (thanks to Bebe) to draw a rainbow, eating my Nutella and toast and drinking my oh so sacred coffee just thinking about what I hope to be thankful for today. I realize I didn't have time to write down what I was thankful for yesterday. One day in and I'm already slacking. This is not good. So today I am going to be doubly thankful. I would first like to be thankful for my memory and mind. The ability to be able to remember what I forgot yesterday is a gift. I know at some point in my life this might become a frustration and ability I do not possess. Its nice to be able to recall things quickly and retain them. Secondly I want to be thankful for family. I am going to share a story with you. My mother informed me yesterday that she had a cousin she was very close to as a child and teenager. She had down syndrome unlike her brothers and sisters. After the death of her parents a kind woman who had been taking care of her for a period of time just moved away with her. No one knew where she was including her siblings. If you are close to your family try and imagine having a sibling one day and then they disappearing the next. I just can't imagine. My grandmother is a pink lady at the hospital in Wetumpka and helps out with patients there. Through a random series of events and divine intervention my grandmother found herself in this one particular patients room. She noticed her name and it clicked. IT WAS HER! The long lost cousin. No one knows where she has been for 30 years, how she wound up back in wetumpka, and how she wound up at the hospital where my grandmother volunteers. It is a very amazing story. So I want to be thankful today for my family because I know where they all are. I can reach them at a moments notice. How comforting and wonderful!

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