Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buy One...Get one Free!.

My friend Alison gave the twins these bodysuits way back when and they finally fit. They are so cute and so "fitting" for our situation. Between mine and Blake's medical bills this past year she cost us a pretty penny. So I figured it was appropriate for her to wear the "Buy One" bodysuit and as usual Palmer is just along for the free ride. Bless her heart. Blake as always is cheesing it up for the camera in this picture. She is such a ham. I completely expect her to be my beauty queen. I mean she would def. score top in interview. They always ask the question, " What is a circumstance in your life you have had to overcome." Seriously...she has got a story to tell right there. They might as well just hand her over the crown. Okay, so I'm obviously in a little over the top on that one. No toddlers and tiaras here.

Some new developments with the girls. Palmer's physicial therapist said today that if she isn't crawling in a couple of weeks to a month she will be shocked and Blake is probably about 3 weeks behind that. So this means in about 6 weeks I might possibly have three mobile children. Lord....please give me strength! Blake & Palmer love their jumperoo and Blake seems to have a desire to want to be in a rodeo at some point. She throw one hand high in the air and jumps vigourously while acting like a bucking bronco. It's pretty entertaining.

They are both growing like weeds and Blake has officially closed the gap in weight with Palmer. Blake weighs 14 pounds and Palmer weighs 14 pounds 2.5 ounces. Whoa big girls! I think it is the green veggies we have been eating every night. Last week was green beans (not Palmers favorite) and this week was zucchini (which they both lap up).

I also schedule Blake's one year MRI and follow up visit for two days after her birthday. I am so excited about it. Walking in to the hospital with Blake after one year will be a emotional moment. I can't wait to walk in that hospital and show her cute smile off to the doctors, nurses, and staff who helped save her life. Wow! We are also going to speak to a prosthetic person about fashioning her a foam hiney until her surgery. It will help her sitting up because as of right now she tilts to one side and has a hard time doing that. Hopefully that will go well.

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