Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Whew! What a big and fun weekend we just had. A lot of fun, friends, and family all day all the time. Friday, Kala, myself, AK, Palmsicle, and ol' Blakey Boo head to the good old town of We-tu (slang for Wetumpka, Alabama). The trip was entertaining as usual, but we made it in one piece. Friday was a lazy day at the grandparents house and waiting on my parents to arrive. We were gearing up for a weekend full of fun. Saturday morning bright and early Kala (my sister) had a baby shower given by friends of my mothers. These ladies have hosted graduation parties, wedding shower, and baby showers for both my sister and I. We are so blessed to have such gracious women involved in our lives. Kala had a great turnout and got to visit with many of her high school friends who she doesn't see much anymore. Mary-Ross was showered some needed and just plain cute gifts. I can't wait to see her little self in those precious outfits. Ashlyn-Kay played in the playroom and on the great playset outside and exhausted herself (Praise the Lord). Good times were had by all, especially me when one of the hostess' showed up with boxes of Krispy Kreme. Yum Yum! Sunday morning we rushed around to get ready for church at First Baptist Church of Wetumpka. The church had skipped sanctity of life sunday due to the preacher being out of town. Normally on sanctity of life sunday he preaches on how all life is precious and abortion is not a option. He chose to take a different approach this time. There was a video clip shown called 99 balloons. I encourage everyone to check it out. Go to Godtube and search 99 balloons. It was about a set of parents who lost there son after 99 days of life to trisomey 18. So powerful! Then someone spoke who represents the Elmore County Pregnancy Center where they witness to all clients who enter the door. Then it was time for Jeff & I to share our testimony of God's Grace throughout our life this past year and how every childs life is very precious. We were both nervous, well at least I was. Some say speaking in front of old friends should be easy, but being from a small town can make that a little more nerve wracking. If you mess up guess where it will be the next day...all over the front page. Ha! I want to thank everyone for your encouragement to calm my nerves prior to the presentation. It helped! Jeff and I spoke in pieces. He spoke about the beginning, I spoke about the diagnosis and leading up until delivery. Then he spoke about the delivery and then we brought it back in on how our lives are forever changed only by God. Jeff did so amazing. I have never been more proud and honored to have him as my husband. He captivated not only the congregation but me! My extended family came over to my grandparents house to celebrate. We had yummy lunch and visited. We didn't get together at Thanksgiving due to us coming home. So it was nice to see everyone. The weekend was wonderful. The twins showed out as usual with their precious smiles and funny noises. Blake decided she COULD roll over and now is a rolly polly. It sure did take long enough. She hates it though and cries because she can't get back over to her back. Everyone was so impressed at how big they were and just couldn't believe our little miracles! Neither can we to be honest.

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