Monday, March 14, 2011

Blake & Palmer 7 months old

On Tuesday the girls turned 7 months old. When they turned 6 months old it felt appropriate, but when I realized they were turning 7 months old I felt sad. As if time is now moving a lightning speed. I didn't even realize that a month had passed. Before we know it they will be a year old!

We are enjoying them so much right now. They interact with us and are so alert. Both of the girls can sit up for a couple of minutes all by themselves. They still topple over when the breeze blows-haha. Palmer is still not crawling, well not on her knees. She can army crawl with a little help and Blake spins around like a bottle top on her back. Its funny.

Now that the weather has been pleasant we spend our mornings on the back patio. The twins jumping in their jumperoo and AK playing in her house while I drink my coffee. It is so pleasant. I look forward to the summer when I can throw blow up pools outside and we just all sunbathe. I also hope to get a swing soon too. With three kids I need my yard to be pretty much a park to keep us entertained.

Blake will have her alpha feta protein blood test again this month. The hope is for numbers lower than her December check. I have no doubt that they won't be great. She really is thriving! So happy and joyful all the time. Not sure how much she weighs but I would guess a little under 15 pounds. Girl is getting big. She loves her baby food. Peas have been her favorite so far. Today we move on to yellow/orange veggies. Carrots here we come.

Palmer is such a calm and pleasant baby. She just observes and smiles a lot. She loves to cuddle and be rocked. The two adorable nursery workers who keep them while I teach aerobics on Fridays just hold and rock them. When I get back the girls always look as if they really wished they didn't have to leave. So blessed to have kind and caring people to watch them. Palmer seems a little smaller weight wise than Blake these days. We won't find out until the end of the month what their weight is. I'm sure I will be shocked as usual.

I took a couple pics of the girls to commemorate their 7 months! Enjoy!

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