Friday, February 11, 2011

6 months old...say what?!?

This week our now BIG girls turn 6 months old. When I say those words I still have a hard time believing we have made it half way through their first year. It really only feels like yesterday we were watching them via a ultrasound machine. If the next 6 months go by as quickly as these last couple months I officially want time to stop because I will be the first to say that although I will be overwhelmed with happiness that we can say we made it a whole year it breaks my heart to see yet another child or children begin to grow older and older. I absolutely love my little cuddle bugs. Holding them, playing peek-a-boo, and yes smelling their sweet baby breath. Don't judge me, you know you all do it too!-haha! This being better than my 2 year olds cheesy breath which she normally has-yuck!

We have mastered the art of unloading and loading up and out in to the pediatricians office. I love that when I walk in the front desk girls say, "hey kristen"! Makes me feel special. Then they always ooh and goo over how big the girls have gotten or how much they have changed. I truely think they love them too. We didn't wait long before the nurses started our loonnnggg visit. Sh e got their stats then we waited for the doc.


Palmer: 13 pounds 9 1/2 ounces, 26 1/4 inches long

Blake: 13 pounds 1 ounce, 25 1/4 inches long

It still cracks me up that the twins are exactly one inch apart. They were born 1 inch a part and have remained that way each checkup. Blake is gaining in weight on Palmer. I feel like once we get some baby food in the girls Blake might pass her. The doctor checked them over and gave them both the thumbs up. Each girl is growing accordingly and are exceeding their charts. He says that they have excellent motor skills. They are on a 6 month level rather than their adjusted age which is now 4 months. He gave us the go ahead on baby food but wants me to check with Blake's GI and Allergist to confirm that for her. So for now I am waiting because I want to start them at the same time. Good times ahead! It all seems to be moving very quickly. Each girl got their many vaccinations. They did well though and only cried a minute then zonked out. No drama, not much waiting, a good appointment! Thumbs up for sure.

So then we rushed to AK's school for her Valentine's party where she was thrilled to see her mommy and baby sisters. The twins slept while we partied it up. A good day was had!

So, I have been asked to speak at my hometown church, First Baptist Church of Wetumpka, on sanctity of life sunday. The preacher wants to take a different take on this topic. Instead of focusing on abortion he choosing to share with others the importance of appreciating the life of a child and how important each and every child is. I am to share the story of the twins, our testimony and faith in the Lord, and how obviously our children are so important to us. I am excited but extremely nervous. It is scary speaking in public but I think even scarier speaking to a group of people you know and have known you for a while. At the end of the service they are going to bring out the girls and ask everyone to continue to pray for them. I am hoping that this will begin a process in the girls life that will lead to a road of testimony and witnessing. I won't our girls to excude the christian faith! If everyone could just pray for the testimony to first of all go well...i.e. Kristen does not fall off the stage or talk like Charlie Browns teacher, and secondly that our story will touch at least one life!

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