Friday, October 7, 2011

Update of Blake

After our visit to Ohio in August our surgeon let us know we would continue our quarterly AFP blood work on Blake for another year. We were to have it done at Children's Birmingham (as usual) soon after the beginning of September. Not surprising our schedules just didn't permit. I either had all three kids. Which taking all three of them to Children's by myself isn't a option. Especially when AK says she wants to see the sick kids. Who knows where she would wonder off to while I am in the lab holding down the strongest 1 year old in the nation. I would find her in some kids room trying to play doctor. Finally, last week Olivia came in to town and I had a helper to tame the masses. BTW she was a wonderful assistant!
A day or so ago the nurse from Dr. Harmon's office called to give us our results. I had no reason to expect anything less than dropping numbers. Her last AFP in June was in the mid 70's (which is expected). Again we are still aiming towards 0-9 and for it to remain there forever. Typically it drops 20 or so points every 3 months. It had dropped to 28! Yippee! This was wonderful news. A dramatic drop in her level and a blessing. I couldn't believe it. I guess waiting those extra two weeks really paid off for her.
In other toddler news. Both girls have taken steps all on their own. Blake still is working on her balance and butt muscle strength, but has enough desire to go go go that she just might walk in a month or so. She has no issue with climbing that's for sure. I constantly have to keep a eye on her because one minute she is on the floor and the next she is on top of a chair. Quick little thing!
Palmers personality reigns true with her walking skills. She can do it but hey why walk when I can crawl or someone can carry me is her philosophy. She has the strength and the balance but just doesn't care. Just her way of life...easy come...easy go.
Both girls are chattering more and more each day. It will be no time before I will be out numbered on the who can yell loudest category.
The other day I was making a video of Miss P dancing away. She literally dances to anything with a beat and every moment is a good moment to dance in her opinion. She noticed Blake playing with a remote and bee lined it over....the rest is you tube magic. Enjoy!

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