Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adios Amigos

There are few people in this world who completely understand me, put up with me, and most important love me for who I am. Obviously my family creates the bulk of this group, but there are a few others out there in the world who "get" the true Kristen Bass Moran. Oh, how I love them for loving me. Two of these people I have had to say goodbye to all in one week. How bad does this stink? Well one time in high school someone put a can of slightly opened tuna under someone else back seat of their car. You can imagine how that smelled after about a week? That is how bad saying goodbye to multiple good friends all at once stinks~ like rotting tuna!

The first friend is a old high school friend of mine. Olivia was a exchange student in my high school my junior year. After a "fortunate for me" turn of events she ended up moving in with my family and spent her remaining 6 months in my house. It was wonderful! She then returned to Germany. In 1999 a friendship began and has continued to grow stronger over the years. 12 years later it is still going strong. We get to see each other on average every 3 years and through the wonderful world of FB, text, and skype speak frequently. Recently her husband was transferred to Boston to work for 2 years. Her dream has always been to live in the U.S. and mine too. She moved to Boston in June. It has been so nice to be able to pick up my cell phone and dial "Olivia" and there she was! Because of a turn of events she is moving back to Germany on THURSDAY!!! So sad :( Thankfully she chose to take one of her last weeks in the states to come and visit with me and my sister and our bunch of kids. I had her for 5 days and it was wonderful! She and I gabbed about old times, new times, changed diapers together, laughed together, and ATE A LOT! She left on friday and I will not see her for another year. I hate saying goodbye or even see you later. I will miss her!
You think that saying bye bye to a dear friend would be enough for one week, but oh no, I always feel the need to out do everyone. So I thought, "hey why don't we just say goodbye to someone else." I mean why not, right.
In 2003 Jeff introduced me to his good friend Grant Gilmer. Shortly after that Grant met a wonderful lady named Lynlee. Their relationship bloomed and were married in 2005. Shortly after our move to Birmingham in 2006 we began hanging out with the Gilmers frequently. A relationship began to bloom between Lynlee & I. Pretty much we are the only two people that can stand each other. We are two of a kind (good and bad) and with just a sigh can tell how each others day is going. Food and wine are our cures for everything! It is a beautiful thing that we have going. A couple of months ago her husband had the opportunity to transfer to a town about 1 1/2 hours away from here. And here we are in October and its time for the big move. The movers will pack up their home on Monday and I will say goodbye. Yes, we will still see each other and talk EVERY DAY but its not the same. (Stomping my feet) I don't like it one bit. Too much
I am aware that one day the Gilmer family will return to Birmingham but one day isn't today and that is pretty much the only way I will be satisfied with this situation. Can anyone tell I am not big on change? Guess I better gas up the "submarine" and start making my plans for my first slumber party in Gadsden, Alabama soon because it is gonna happen. I will miss you my dear friend. Hurry back soon!
In conclusion I do not recommend saying goodbye to more than one friend in a week. Doing otherwise can cause moments of anger, tears, and binge chocolate eating.

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