Wednesday, November 23, 2011

its been a long time

I have gotten a few complaints about the lack of my blogging lately. My apologies peeps. I believe the last time I filled everyone in we had received Blake's last AFP. Which we won't get checked again until late December. Praying for a single digit number!
The girls are growing like weeds. I am not exactly sure how much they are weighing in at now, but I would approximate between 18-19 pounds. My little teenies. Palmer started walking about a month ago and she is QUICKLY picking up speed. Blake walks ONLY when she wants too. No one tells her when and where that is for sure. It is such a blessing because although she moves at her own pace we now know she is perfectly capable of getting around. She continues to amaze me.
Our sweet pea Palmer has well changed a bit. Her calm and quiet nature is now more like wild and loud. She can clear a room of all its contents in a matter of seconds! We now refer to her as the "Live Wire". Blake on the other hand is self entertained and calm. She minds well and doesn't bother much. Both are slowly but surely using some words and sounds. We will get there I'm sure.
Halloween was fun. The twinks went as monkeys (totally appropriate) and AK was a Jaguar. All of my jungle animals were precious as pie.
Otherwise our life has been pretty much uneventful-PRAISE THE LORD! Looking forward to Christmas with 6 little hands wrapping paper ready.

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