Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twice is Nice!

There are many positives and sometimes negatives (enter sad face) to having multiples. One of the wonderful positives is being a part of the BAMOM (Birmingham Area Mom of Multiples). One event that the BAMOM club host twice a year is a ginormous consignment sale. Not everyone in the club sales but those who do pull items, wash, dry, enter, print, tag, hang, pin, load, unload, place items at building, work, work some more, eat, work some more, chat, laugh, vent a little frustration, tear down, grab your stuff and go home! Oh then sleep a ton. It is hard work but we have multiples so we are used to hard work 24 hours a day. Making a little or a lot of money and meeting some new friends along with sharing stories about our births and kids adventures is really amazing and special.
While hanging and sorting some christmas clothes (and cute ones at that) I was chatting with two other moms. We all tend to ask each other these questions and in order...
1. How old are your kids?
2. Girls? Boys? How many of each?
3. How many weeks were you?
The last question tends to lead toward your story. Believe it or not there are more miracle stories than you can believe. It is truly amazing how God creates these tiny double, triple, etc. blessings in our bellies then grows them and helps get them in to the world.
One mother told of her mono twins (which are babies that share the same sack and one cord). How one of her boys didn't have a complete cord and the doctors told her to terminate because it would eventually die. After leaving that physician she went to see the MFM who I had seen as well when carrying the twins. Each week he told her the news and how it wasn't necessarily good but that they would keep keeping on. 37 weeks later the doctor amazingly chose to stop by her room to check on her and they did a ultrasound. One of the babies was in distress and they immediately took them. Now they are wonderful happy healthy boys. A God thing... YA THINK?
As my shift was winding down I was signing out one of AAAAMMAAZZIINNGGG mothers of multiples. She is battling and has been battling cancer for several months now. She has twin boys who are small. She goes back and forth between Birmingham and MD Anderson in Houston. She will be having a transplant soon. She came and worked all weekend like a hero then at 9:30 p.m. at night after working all day had to go home and flush her ports which take 1 hour. Wow! God is providing time, money, and ENERGY for her and her family. Can you imagine having twin boys and having cancer. You are amazing in my eyes.
Another m.o.m. had cancer when her twins were a little over a year old and went through chemo and radiation while managing motherhood.
With all this said the twice as nice sale is not only a way to rid your attic, garage, closet, etc. of items that are collecting dust you also meet wonderful women who truly define what a MOTHER is! Although my dogs were barking I enjoyed every minute.

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