Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today we visited Dr. Gonzalez who is a maternal fetal specialist at Brookwood Medical here in Birmingham. We went to see him because Baby A has a mass on her coccyx or hiney. After a very indepth ultrasound the doctor determined she has a sacrococcygeal teretoma or hiney tumor. The tumor is most commonly benign. This teratoma is due to chromosomes that at conception could not make up their mind what they wanted to do or be. So they formed on the outside of her body. They have cells and vessels like any other portion of her body. Because of this blood is being pumped into the teratoma.
If untreated it will continue to grow as she grows. It can grow to be bigger than her and will at that point put her at risk for heart failure. So the treatment is to remove it inutero. We are being sent to a more specialized doctor at a different hospital in either Miami, Houston, Cincinnati, or Pittsburg. Our doctor is waiting to hear who has the first available appointment. We will then go there and meet with them to get their opinion,diagnosis, and treatment.
From what we understand, after the removal or killing of the tumor she will continue to have normal fetal development and lead a normal life.
Visit the post in the other entry for all the details and treatment options if you are curious.
We are thankful it isn't anymore more serious but are obviously still concerned about her. Keep us in your prayers!

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