Friday, May 28, 2010

Cincinnati here we come

I got the call from Cincinnati Children's Hospital yesterday about our appointment. The nurse called and went over stuff with me and gave me a short run down of all they will be doing. We are leaving Thursday the 3rd of June and my appointments will be on that Friday. I will be having several test run and then they will assess her teratoma and we will meet with a doctor and a fetal surgeon.
They are hoping to send us home the following day and never see us again. Once we are back in Birmingham, Dr. Gonzalez will monitor me and Baby A (Blakely) each week with echos and ultrasounds to keep track of the growth. Crossing our fingers she and Baby B (Palmer) make it to a viable gestational age and then they will deliver them via c-section. Blakely "Blake" will then be taken to Children's Hospital here in Birmingham the day of her birth or day after for surgery and will remain in the NICU at Children's until she is fully recovered and can come home. Palmer & I will stay wherever I deliver and then they will send Palmer home once the NICU feels she is good to go.
The nurse at CCH stated that due to my twin pregnancy the options of intrauterine ablation or surgery is not going to happen. It is too risky to the other baby. So if this teratoma is rapid growing the only option will be to deliver the twins, no matter how old or developed they are. If it is before 26 weeks they will be delivered at CCH not here in Birmingham. That is the worst case scenario since most twins are viable before 28 weeks. They are hoping this is not going to happen.
Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel and keep praying that the teratoma is slow growing and not effecting other organs and that her heart remains stable.


  1. Hey Kristen,
    I was ready your story above and wanted you to know that you are in GREAT hands with Dr. Gonzalez! I worked with him very closely when his space was built out at Brookwood and he was just wonderful to work with. He is a very, very good doctor and is extraordinary at what he does...that's why Brookwood recruited him here. Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you while you are at the hospital. My work number at Brookwood is 877-1797.

  2. Kristen,
    I am so sorry you and the babies are having to do this. We will be praying for you, Blake and Palmer. Please let us know if you need anything.