Wednesday, April 28, 2010

everythings gonna be alright

We have made it through two whole days of knowing that the twins were girls. Jeff is still alive, still in the country, and hasn't gone crazy yet. Yet is the key word here. When the realtor found out she said we needed to meet because we were going to need more bathrooms & closets in our house ASAP. Jeff didn't find that funny at all and I think it scared him a little. See he grew up with a brother and a single mom who didn't have much time for pampering and primping I'm sure. He doesn't understand the hours teenage girls spend in the bathroom drying, curling, spraying, re-spraying, re-spraying again, sitting on the floor crying because their hair looks terrible (even though it looks fine), and finally the 2 hours later a joyous teenager emerges with the same hairstyle she started with. These are moments Jeff has not experienced yet. Oh but he will! He also will deal with the girls screaming at each other, crying to ME, that one of them had their FAVORITE pair of jeans stolen by the other sister and can't find them anywhere and that is absolutely the only thing that can be worn on that day. I speak from experience on this! haha! He also doesn't know how wonderful it will be when that girl is crying on his shoulder because some boy broke her heart or her mother is a tyrant. She will then think her daddy is the only perfect man in the world. At least I did! It is going to be a serious adventure, but if you know Jeff & I well, that situation seems to fit our bill. We have been called a circus of a family before and now I guess we will just live up to it.
The twins are healthy and hopefully happy in there which is what counts the most. I am anxious to meet these bundles of joy and get to know them. Palmer & Blake I can't wait!

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