Thursday, January 6, 2011

The numbers

Numbers, numbers, numbers. It is all about the numbers when it comes to Blake's wellness. She had her alpha feta protein blood test right before Christmas. This test determines the tumor proteins in her blood. It lets us know if the tumor is gone or if it is trying to return. We received her numbers last week. They were 103. The "ideal" range is 0-9. I was waiting to talk with our surgeon in Cincinnati to determine what this meant. He finally called today. First of all I love that he makes a personal phone call and talks to me directly. He said although her 103 is still high it is lower than it was before we left. It was around 2200 and now it is 103. The surgeon said it would take about another 6 months before it hits a single digit which is our goal. He will keep a watch on it with her next testing in March. He will see us back in August for Blake's one year visit and MRI.
He is always so kind and concerned. He asked about our family and said to tell everyone hello. He asked how her stooling was, which is still pretty frequent. The surgeon said that she would eventually have to learn to control this and that we would have to wait a year or so on that.
We will more than likely meet with a plastic surgeon while we are there to have him examine her. He will give us a time frame and game plan for revision.
I am thankfully for the wonderful numbers and continued blessings! 2011 is already great!

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