Thursday, December 9, 2010

4 months

On Monday, the twins turned 4 whole months! What a whirlwind those months have been. So glad we have made it this far.

Jeff went back to work on Monday (boohoohoooo.....). I truely have missed his company. Thankfully the girls were all very well mannered on our first day buy ourself. It really wasn't that bad. Tuesday was a little more hectic. AK woke up sick and so we had to make a quick change of plans for the day because I teach aerobics on Tuesday mornings. Jeff's mother has graciously offered to keep the twins while I teach aerobics on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Ashlyn Kay goes to school on Tuesday & Thursdays and can also go to the fitness center daycare on Friday's with me. We didn't want to leave sick AK with her nana + the twins. We figured it out and it was all good! Crisis fixed.

Today AK went to school while I took the twins to the 4 month well baby visit. Southlake Pediatrics is so understanding and kind to us. They always have me call before I come so they can help me carry in the twins and they take us through the back so we do not have to wait in the common area to avoid germs. They try and see us as soon as possible because they understand how babies can be. The girls did perfect!

Blake weighed 9 pounds and 6 ounces, 22 1/2 inches long

Palmer weighed 10 pounds 11 ounces, 24 inches long

Both girls were above the curve, well except for Blake on her weight, but the doctor said that is fine she should be above the curve by her 6 month visit.

The pediatrician was satisfied with their progress so far. He changed Blake's dosage on one of her reflux meds and hopefully that will work. If not we will be making a stop at the GI doctor.

So after the shots (which I hate) were over we loaded up and headed home.

Someone at the docs office commented that the girls must be new babies. I laughed and said, "oh no", "they are 4 months old." She looked a little shocked. Guess that is a reaction they will be getting for a while.

So far the girls are able to hold their head up and sit in the bumbo. They still love their swings and bouncers. Palmer is my smiley pants. She smiles anytime you look at her. She is such a joy. Blake is a go-getter. She likes to be stood up and bounce around on your legs. She is ready to Go! They both are changing everyday and growing. I am proud of them. Palmer is also doing better with her eating, thank goodness. Oh and they both are sleeping through the night. I thought this day would never come. I was having a hard time with it because AK slept through the night so early. The twins were just not big enough and we have finally made it.

Ashlyn Kay is being such a wonderful big sister. She loves to help out with the twins. She gets me their bib and burp cloths, throws away their diapers, and talks to them. Palmer loves her big sister a lot! We are excited about our first Christmas as a family of 5. We are staying in Birmingham this year. It is too much to travel all over with this many kids, especially since we still don't have a van yet. Crossing our fingers that Santa brings us one. I have written many letters-ha!

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