Wednesday, March 24, 2010

11 weeks

Yesterday was my 11 week appointment with Dr. Christine. It seems strange to still only be 11 weeks along since I have already been to the OB 3 times. I go again in 2 weeks which will finish out my 1st trimester-PRAISE THE LORD!, then I will go every 3 weeks until around 7 months.
I had gained about 2 pounds maybe 2.5, but she said she was proud of me-hooray! The ultrasound showed that the babies were doing wonderful. They looked much more like babies and were bouncing around, kicking, and punching...typical Morans. Baby A's heart rate was 175 and Baby B's heart rate was 172. Dropping a little from 2 1/2 weeks ago. The ultrasound tech said it wouldn't be long before the ultrasounds wouldn't be fun anymore because there would be too much baby for too little screen-booo:(
We got pictures and I will load them tonight and post. They looked so tiny and sweet. I go back to see her April 6th with another ultrasound. Then we will go back the last Tuesday of April and the sex will "try" to be determined. Hooray!!! Not much longer.
I actually am starting to show a little. I feel though that instead of a tiny pooch I have a inter tube growing around my mid line. I wish I could have X's on my midsection that said apply stretch mark cream HERE! Ha!

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