Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st Ultrasound

So finally after I have been anxiously waiting the ultrasound its here. We arrive at Birmingham OBGYN @ 9:30 a.m. ready and sweaty (well I'm sweaty). I head on back, pee in my cup, and start the wait. I didn't have to wait long until some sweet unsuspecting Ultrasound Tech called us back. She wasn't someone I had seen before so I apologized to her beforehand. Jeff and I are a little animated if you can imagine that! I laid down on the table and waited to hear that sweet heartbeat. I didn't want to look because I was afraid something was wrong. So Jeff did as he always does huddle over the table and machine and point at the screen and ask constant questions. With all this happening I wasn't really paying attention and then I heard from Jeff, "Is that two sacks?" I snapped my head around so fast that I think I broke something. The tech laughed and said "Uh Huh"! WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT! You are shitting me were my exact words, then I'm going to throw up was next. And I was sure there was a mistake, but nope, two sacks, two babies, two heartbeats. TWINS! Yup you read this right. I am having twins. Fraternal Twins will be making their appearance in about 30 weeks. One good thing about a double pregnancy, its shorter. Let's not hope too short. Keep us in your prayers that for sure! We are excited, still in shock, but excited. Pictures of Baby A & Baby B will come soon.

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